Wednesday, 7 September 2011

gym scandal

So after an exhausting hour of gym i went back to the locker room took a sip of water and stretched then opened my locker and booom my bag was gone!!!

I am standing there in total awe and all i could think about was my phone and the fact that i was not going to be on facebook,amazing enough i did not think about my ID document,money and the keys to my flat! So i went to the front desk and the lady told me to calm down and show her which locker i'd used.

To cut the story short my stuff was in the next locker and it turns out that i locked an empty locker and left the one i'd occupied open.
Yesterday at the gym taught me that i am a sucker for social media and my life would be incomplete without it because after the whole incident the first thing that i looked for was my precious phone and then the rest followed....

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