Tuesday, 11 October 2011


I haven't posted anything in a while but I have a valid reason....I WAS BUSY PLANNING MY 21st BIRTHDAY!!

Last week saturday was the best day of my life, i felt like royalty because my mom planned everything and i just had to tie the loose ends! Amazing enough she passed away leaving everything planned and if that's not God's doing  then i will never know what He is capable of.

We often resist admitting that there is a plan greater than any of us,a plan that is so carefully thought out that it often twists and turns the very things that we consider real. I thank God for making sure that my day was something that I would have had if my mom was alive.

Another important thing is that I AM OFFICIALLY 21!!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

show your support,buy original

The title does not by any  chance refer to pirated CD's or DVD's it is about supporting the springboks.

Ladies and gentlemen buying counterfeit springbok jerseys does not make you a true supporter because a true supporter would take pride in wearing his/her jersey and I am quite sure that wearing a fake does not come with much pride! Its saddening to see an individual dancing and shouting GO BOKKE while his jersey has "SPINGBOKS" in the front and a picture of what looks like a springbok!!

So show your support South Africa and buy original.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

gym scandal

So after an exhausting hour of gym i went back to the locker room took a sip of water and stretched then opened my locker and booom my bag was gone!!!

I am standing there in total awe and all i could think about was my phone and the fact that i was not going to be on facebook,amazing enough i did not think about my ID document,money and the keys to my flat! So i went to the front desk and the lady told me to calm down and show her which locker i'd used.

To cut the story short my stuff was in the next locker and it turns out that i locked an empty locker and left the one i'd occupied open.
Yesterday at the gym taught me that i am a sucker for social media and my life would be incomplete without it because after the whole incident the first thing that i looked for was my precious phone and then the rest followed....